Our Values

The values of our office can be summed up in two words: Quality & Respect.

Quality and respect together are the indispensable keys to open the door to the professional advancement, evolution of careers, promotions and positions which will be attained by the everyday work and merit.

Quality is a state of mind; an expression of our satisfaction or dissatisfaction by presenting or receiving each work.

Quality is ensured through our personal contribution, professional engagement, rigor and discipline:

  • Competence acquired throughout trainings, updated knowledge and  actual engagement in everyday’s work enables us to maintain the highest levels of professional standards and exceed our clients’ expectations. Thus, personal and collective efforts are fundamental to enrich our skills through handling technical issues encountered while handling customers files, controlling and mastering the subjects that we are confronted to, by research, collaboration and brain storming with the team members. We also offer opportunities to our team members to attend internal and international trainings and seminaries (HLBI).
  • Rigor is a required value in both the audit and the consultancy activities where a special attention needs to be brought to details. The responsibility of each team member is engaged in the work they deliver and we require the highest levels of attention to detail and diligence to formulating  ideas, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Discipline in documenting our works and respecting the internal management procedures.
  • The clients satisfaction is our main objective. Technically, our clients are satisfied by the quality of the content of our deliverables, our answers and our presentations. In addition, their high esteem is also gained through our appearance, behavior, expression and reactions.

Respect can be summed up in a simple equation: I give respect, and in return I require the same respect.

At GSAudit&Advisory, we respect our firm, collaborators and clients.

  • The respect of the firm could be schematized in a community of people composing in harmony, in order to create together an added value, that each associate, alone, cannot compensate.
  • The respect of the people; each one of us should present signs of respect toward its colleagues; work, while being rigorous in its demands and expectations. Trust is the only indispensable base to cultivate respect.
  • The respect of our clients throughout the respect of the professional secrecy, confidentiality, independency, integrity, probity, transparency and sincerity.