HLB International

HLB International is a full member of the association “Forum of Firms” since its creation in 2002.

The Forum of Firms brings together the largest world accounting networks and firms that perform transnational audits and involves them closer to the activities of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) in audit and other assurance-related areas.

On the international level, the HLB International Network is the best continuity of GSAudit&Advisory.

Being composed mainly of medium-sized offices serving SMB worldwide, HLB International fits very well the internationalization needs of Tunisian companies. The HLB offices in Dubai, Shanghai, Cairo, Casa, Paris or Marseille and in other cities, represent the right compromise between availability and professionalism.

Other branches like  the London office has developed great skills in international mergers, acquisitions and fundraising.

The HLBI members in each countries are selected based on their ability to compose between strong local integration, with different sized customers, and conformity with international standards of quality and ethical rules. They are classified among the best ten firms in their respective countries.

Initials of the three founding firms Hodgson, Landau and Brands, HLB has been  renamed HLBI “Help Local Business Internationally”. With over 1720 partners and 13510 associates and employees in over 450 offices in more than 100 countries, HLBI is a true international relay to GSAudit&Advisory and its clients.