Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is in the heart of GSAudit&Advisory business model which is based on ethics, sharing and mutual respect, while open to  dialogue with our team members. We pay a special attention to the training and professional development of our team members in order to be able to answer best our clients’needs and expectations.

In order to ensure compliance with our code of conduct, we have put in place a quality control system responding to the professional standards as well as to the local legal and regulatory obligations. We also invested in the human and material resources to ensure a constant professional development of our team members and train them to take on managerial positions and decisional autonomy.

The principles  governing our internal code of conduct are :

  • Integrity: each team member is expected to conduct its missions with integrity and honesty.
  • Competence: measured by the diplomas and qualifications, and professional trainings, and checked periodically through activity reviews.
  • Independence:  our teams are required to avoid any situations that may create an appearance of impropriety whendealing with others.
  • Ojectivity: our team members and employees are required to avoid any situation of conflict of interest or any third party influence that may compromise their professional judgment.
  • Professional behaviour: imposes on employees to strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations and avoid any act that may negatively impact the reputation of the firm..
  • Diligence: englobes the duty to act in within the scope of the work, , accurately, exhaustively and within the deadlines.

 Our code of conduct  has been put in place to ensure a healthy work environment and good professional relations between our employees and clients.